Kings Design is a bespoke furniture and interior design studio founded in 2014. 

Our in house team of experienced designers are passionate about high-quality design whilst promoting pro-environmental behaviours within the sector. We are committed to delivering unique modern solutions and a tailored experience for each client. 

We are very focused on the customer experience and ensure that all of our design projects and furniture can be utilised to maximise space, usability, durability, value and support green living. 


The studio creates beautiful, timeless and distinctive British made bespoke furniture and interiors, whether it’s in the residential sector, hospitality industry, corporate, retail or education sector, we always work in harmony with the aesthetics to enhance each space.

Managing Director

An innovative leader, who continuously seeks to source new products in an ever changing industry. Boasting over 15 years of experience, Bhagat focuses much of his time understanding and learning the different trends and market requirements. Today, he continues to impress clients and fellow experts with his keen eye and passion for design.

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