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GET THE LOOK: Concealed Kitchen with Character

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For those of you not up to speed, let us introduce you to our newest slogan, "We Bring You Home". We are thrilled to kick off with the very heart of the modern home, the kitchen.

Time to get cozy and enjoy!


Most properties in London nowadays have the kitchen as part of the open-plan living space. Why would we be surprised? In a city that never sleeps, this undoubtedly helps when entertaining guests. The cook (in most cases, the host) is not tucked away anymore but can share their cooking experience with friends and associates.

This particularly applies to those of us with families! In an age where everyone is hopelessly consumed with their busy lives, an open space allows you to enjoy that daily ritual of preparing the meals but in the presence of your family. Doesn't that sound much better than have everyone come home and isolate themselves in their room?

The Ideal Place to Entertain


The answer is a couple of design challenges if you do not necessarily want to get too "comfortable" in that space. To start with, one of the common reasons open-kitchens are a popular choice at Kings Design is because we understood that this does not have to be so complicated. If anything, it is an opportunity to create instant expansion within a property! When done correctly, this expansion comes with the ability to fuse effortly with the surrounding units of the home - in this case, we will assume it is the lounge area.

Word of advice: We strongly recommend you stick to minimalism. It is easy to fully integrate essential appliances but also, it leaves you room to focus on the placement of strong, quiet extractors.

Kitchen with Character: From "No Frills" to Jungle Fever

This kitchen is a great example on how to make the cooking space more upmarket. Organic finishes have always been a classic thanks to their connection to nature. Their unique textures break the overall blandness of a kitchen, adding warmth, depth and character to it which can also be linked to surrounding spaces. Mix up your finishes with a touch of marble, do not be shy with the storage cupboards, keep handles discreet and compliment these elements with potted plants and even a mural.


  1. West Elm Stool

  2. Quooker Fusion Black Tap

  3. Kings Design Lacquer and Metallic finishes

  4. Carrara Quartz

  5. BTC Original- Diner

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