• Liza Shashenkova

START FRESH: Interior Design Trends 2021

Updated: Jan 20

Let us push the predictable introduction aside - we all agree 2020 was chaotic and it will not be missed. Instead, let us focus our energies on our personal psychological processes; our mental health, the current reality we have created for ourselves.

If we have not kicked off 2021 in the most uplifting of moods, it is because the information we have gathered has contributed to the potential negative thought patterns and emotions we are experiencing.

What does this have to do with interior design? The pandemic has brought our homes into the spotlight and this may be the first time that so many recognise just what a huge difference it makes to our mental wellbeing and self-development (as well as purely improving the value of our property). Evaluating how we live in our space, how it makes us feel is worth the time and energy!

Not Another Forecast!

Why do so many people turn away from these “interior design trend forecasts”? Well, it is because many of us are thinking about these things the wrong way. These are not specifically targeted at individuals with “too much time on their hands” and mountains of extra capital, but are a portal into creating a deeper relationship with the things that surround us on a daily basis that play a huge role in creating life’s moments. Most of us will continue spending more time at home in 2021, therefore interior design for our environment has never been more important.

I have analysed the Google trend data, tracked the keywords throughout 2020 and have also looked into the the current newcomers across different platforms including Instagram and Pinterest. As we continue to experience a shift in the day-to-day operations, allow me to introduce you to some funky newcomers including “cottagecore”, the “dark wall” and the “dried flower”.

  1. Green Living

We begin with the obvious! As predictable as this one is, it will remain a core value for Kings Design. Humanity has already reached a tipping point and we have seen an increase in people wanting to change the way they use products and consume.

The maximising of sustainable practices across the globe is promising and we are here to show you how you can apply green habits when it comes to your home with the right architectural decisions as well as furniture pieces and accessories. The concept of reusing has never been more “on-trend”: it ties in nicely with the lockdown the COVID-19 situation has created.

Many designers are now utilising leftover materials or repurposing pre-owned pieces when bringing the consumer home decor. Want to know what makes us stand out when it comes to sustainable practice? Like and Follow us on social media for our next update!

2. “Grandmillennial Style”

We all remember Millennial Pink? I certainly do! Social media went bananas over this one - the pastel tones, the copper & rose-gold accents, the pink sofas. I must admit, I even had a soft spot for this one (it was hard not to) but like anything in life, we have come to welcome its evolution: hashtag #LuxuryLivingRoom!

Not all of these will remind you of grandma’s house but when it is clearly not inspired by the comforts of grandma’s living room, we see one basic human aspiration - the pursuit for luxurious, artistic expression. I present the velvet sofas, the large rug, the lavish curtain and jewel tones (cue emerald, rose quartz, sapphire). Want a fast-track to luxurious and rich expression? Start with soft seating! The sofas, the armchairs, the ottomans; make sure you invest in big, soft, velvet and round shapes.

For the nostalgic soul and for those that crave deeper comfort in their new year, keep that velvet sofa but get ready to pair that with needlepoint and floral curtains. How would granny do it? Take those old-school patterns and mix them with the bold colours. As you keep reading, rustic is making a come back elsewhere so do not be shy in indulging in vintage decor.

3. Blue Kitchen, Black Kitchen

I spent quite some time trying to decide; dark blue or black? Overall, dark colours will be an exciting sensation! Although there are those who will definitely want the warmth and comfort to soothe the lockdown soul, there are those of us who will strive for a higher level of sophistication. Dark colours tap into the desire for liveable luxury and it is quite simple to achieve.

As much as the Kings Design instagram account is filled with it, we are shifting away from that classic white kitchen. Light does open up space but the “scandi noir” palette oozes expensive luxury and will remain an excellent choice for decades to come (lets face it, no one likes to make a habit out of frequent paint jobs). We are yet to understand why everyone is experimenting with this new trend in the kitchen of all places but open your newsfeeds and you will see that cabinets and fittings in dark blue and black are on the rise.

So which one is for you? Blue or black? We hope you have been attentively reading our captions as you will remember that the colour blue is deep and saturated, adding richness and a sense of serenity to the home. If you lean towards nature, this is a safe choice and will encourage further relaxation. However, if you want to enter a kitchen that is more regal and inviting, black may be more sensible. This colour choice will also help create more distinction between a kitchen and living space and heighten visual interest (please refer to our previous blog entry - you saw that kitchen?)

4. Cottagecore

Fun Fact: Biophilia Hypothesis suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. I welcome you to bear this in mind from now on with the following trends.

Did some of you read “grandmillennial style” and think “this is really not for me!”. Allow us to introduce you to its simpler cousin of the rustic vogue variety (fans of the country home home will be excited about this one). This trend has already taken the online interior design community by storm and it is not looking to die down anytime soon. Connecting us to the outside world and nature has increased in popularity but this is a wonderful option for those of us hoping to have our fortresses praised for its comforting feeling. Wholesome and pastoral, cottagecore is all about creating a cosy and welcoming environment with quintessentially romanticised British favourites; botanicals, natural colour palettes, warm hues.

5. Dried Flowers

Everyone loves a jolly house plant - they add character to any room and are proven to increase productivity, but as the demand for the human connection to nature grows, we have seen demands soar. Want to know the best part? Botanicals to not have to be real! As a matter of fact, preserved flowers are not only a smarter investment but we do not have to rely on the local florist during lockdown to bring us our weekly orders of fresh bouquets. For those of you looking to bring some delicate textures into your homes, look to wheat, delphinium, laguras, lavender and fluffy pampas plumes.

6. “Let There Be Light” or “The Great Outdoors”

If florals are not your thing, there are other options to bring the outside world indoors. Heard of this fabulous thing call the roof window? After being shut inside for the best part of 2020, all of us must have that craving for more light to get in. For those of you planning a kitchen expansion this year and are not too keen on the darker palette, this is one for you! This practical, feel-good feature will not only create the illusion of more space but will make the remaining lockdown a little more brighter. Just a reminder: the simplest way to bring peaceful vibration to your home is to maximise natural light.

Finally, some of us are blessed enough to have a garden, a patio or a balcony. If having one has not made you want to practice gratitude on a daily basis during the peaks of lockdown, this is a time to really start coming to terms with how lucky you are and consider an upgrade. As the world is turned upside down, all many of us want to do is escape to a place full of green, fresh air and natural beauty. Outdoor spaces will continue to be brought to the forefront as most of us come to terms with moving the small gatherings and celebrations into our backyards (stay safe please - 2m apart!). Take full advantage and upgrade your cosy outdoor spaces with weatherproof upholstery, cozy coaches, outdoor fireplaces and even a few drink ledges.