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HOW TO create a home that reflects the very best of YOU!

One drizzly November afternoon in Hounslow, our team finally decided on the Kings Design slogan (drumroll please!): “We Bring You Home”. It looked almost too simple, glaring back at us from the whiteboard but you have to admire the subtle depth. We did not venture far from everyone’s favourite saying: “home is where the heart is” because guess what? It really is!

When you think about it, could there ever be a more consistent way to represent yourself (or your family) than your home? Our homes are not only places designed for our comfort and security, but a unique showcase of self-expression. When correctly curates for us, our space can help us flourish and grow.

The Curious Case of a Home Identity Crisis

This applies to those readers who remain indecisive - yes, yes, you know who you are! Aspiration decor is always tempting (anyone’s mind will get carried away browsing the contents of the likes of Elle Decor and Home & Garden) but if they have very little to do with your actual lifestyle, your home will become a blazing representation of the dissatisfaction you hold with your current situation. For instance, say you decide to opt for “cottage core” for that living room (one of the leading 2021 Interior Design Trends) but your lifestyle has absolutely nothing to do with the quiet life in the countryside, that space will feel inauthentic and as a result, may not actually be used. Waste of time and money? Absolutely!

Here is a fun reading recommendation for this weekend: Gosling’s “Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You”. He talks about self-verification theory and although we do not have time to go into detail about this, we will leave you with one of our favourite quotes: “people tend to be happier and more productive when they are able to convince others to see them as they see themselves”. We hope that many of you have used this extended lockdown to look deep within and explore the dustiest corners of your soul that have been neglected during our speedy, pre-COVID life. Now, without the additional pesky social pressures, we present a light beginners guide to creating an interior space to match the real you:

An Introvert’s Quarters

For you lucky lot, lockdown may have actually come as a blessing. There is nothing better in this world than your own company and your home provides an opportunity to retreat into your thoughts, enjoy moments of spiritual contemplation and recharge before stepping back out into the big, busy world. Let's turn our attention to your sanctuary:

1. If you watched the first episode of ASK KD, our Head of Design pointed out the best place to start: the layout! You probably want to steer away from the open floor plan as creating a sense of community is most likely not what you are after. Someone like you would benefit from a closed-off floor plan, making good use of multiple doors & rooms to reflect your mysterious yet intriguing inner world (this also provides multiple escape routes to beloved solitude should you decide to host).

2. Let us take a peek straight into your mind’s mechanisms to understand what needs to happen outside. The introverted personality type goes inside themselves to be able to create their personal sense of order of the world. To assist you with these processes lets let go of any unnecessary stimulation and welcome the more minimalistic trends. A minimal home is much more easier to organise and you can feel at ease in a space free of clutter and interruptions.

3. Furniture! Invite the soft, engaging textures into your world as we recommend investing into embellishing those cozy nooks in the home; perhaps a small sitting area where you can enjoy your fancy candles, magazines and books. Top those off with artisanal throws, blankets and a few designer cushions.

4. Finally, there is probably not one personality style that needs this more than you do! You ready? If there is one place you should not be cutting back costs on it is the bathroom! This piece of heaven should take priority in the design process and be at the ready for your routine of regular long, relaxing baths.

The Social Butterfly's Palace

Maybe you are one! maybe you know one? Unlike the introvert, extrovert personalities always gravitate towards things in life that are bigger, bolder and brighter. Sure, during the pandemic one has to use this term rather loosely. Nevertheless, for those of you who have earned the badge of “professional socialiser”, the lockdown provides the perfect opportunity to optimise your space in preparations for the post-COVID world.

1. Configuring the furniture in your living room can feel like solving a Rubik’s Cube. However, it should be your natural instinct to face the sofas and chairs in a way that easily allows people to chat. Use your talent for connecting your network here when thinking of your open floor plan, strategically place seating and a couple of design talking points. Be inspired by trendy communal spaces and do not forget to leave room for a couple of stunning floor pillows.

2. Let us explore your kitchen: if this is your personality type, storage for your appliances is a must! It is much easier to whip up a quick get-together when you have kitchen helpers at the ready. Ensure that you have enough easy access cabinets to keep all those cocktail glasses and appetiser plates, ready to showcase your flawless hosting skills.

3. What about the look and feel? Good question! This statement maybe a generalisation but unlike your introverted cousins, eye-catching designs, unique materials and the occasional pop of colour could be a more accurate reflection of your jazzy soul. Do not be afraid to make loud colours an integral part of space planning - your mission is to create an ambience that everyone will smile in. If you are looking at refurbishing, do not forget to install that speaker system we all know you absolutely want!

The Business Saavy

You live and breathe GOALS, an unstoppable entrepreneurial mind and above all, a hard worker! In a nutshell: the one who is going places! It is no surprise many such extraordinary individuals are drawn to sleek, spacious and simple design that focus on function and organisation. Get ready for a dose of modern design with clean architectural lines!

1. Investing in good quality, durable furniture should be your priority! Aside from that sounding extremely sensible and sustainably friendly (who enjoyed our last ASK KD breakfast show around green living?) these kind of choices fall hand in hand with your committed nature and that you are in it for the long-haul. This is very different from others who could never buy that sofa or artwork as they are not very sure of their roots yet.

2. Speaking of artworks, any smart investor is sure to have an artwork or a prized collectable item(s) within their space. Such promising assets will showcase not only your impeccable taste but your money mindset which revolves around money always working for you, growing in value year by year. How are your walls currently looking? Artwork friendly at all?

3. Your office! When it comes to you high flying types, we can go on about this for days on end, especially now that everyone is working from home but let us try to give the best overview we can. This space is your sanctuary and you will always find it separate to the other rooms, a universe of its own. A temple that shuts out distractions and allows you to focus! (please note: your favourite couch does not count!). Imagine you are an introvert for just a second and re-read that section: embrace the minimalism and declutter.

4. When you find a trend you like, you tend to stick to it subtly as opposed to lay it on thick, you have the ability to edit the decor to really make your space sing! It not only will give you an opportunity to exercise your creativity muscle but will makes your good stuff look even better.

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